Caltrans seeks public input on draft State Rail Plan

Last week, Caltrans released the public draft of the California State Rail Plan.  The draft plan outlines a new framework for building California’s rail network and sets state priorities on rail investments for the next 20 years.   Continue reading


Officials celebrate Lower Sacramento Road work completion

If you live in either the Stockton or Lodi area, chances are you have driven or biked on Lower Sacramento Road. It not only connects these two cities in the county but the road ties together urban with agriculture. Located between the Harney Lane Curve to the north and Pixley Slough in the south, the 2.5 mile project was the result of a successful partnership between San Joaquin County Public Works, the City of Stockton, the City of Lodi, and SJCOG.  Continue reading

Last leg of Hammer Lane nears completion

Whether travelling by street or sidewalk, citizens of Stockton are benefiting from the hard work and improvement of the city’s Public Works Department. Commonly known for maintenance (and earlier this year, their flood prevention efforts), the Stockton Public Works Department is also responsible for road improvements throughout the city.

Currently the Public Works Department has 27 active projects, one of which, Hammer Lane Widening, is in its final stage. The entire project improves and expands Hammer Lane (in some areas to as many as 8 lanes) from Highways I-5 to 99 and has been completely funded by Measure K.


Project Manage Rosa Alvarez

The final stage of the Hammer Lane widening is led by Project Manager Rosa Alvarez, this project expands Hammer Lane from four to six lanes between Alexandria Place and Thornton Road. The work includes pavement improvements, placing curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveways and wheelchair ramps, relocating street lighting, traffic signal modifications, storm drain upgrades, constructing raised median, landscaping and irrigation, traffic striping, signing and pavement markings.

Alvarez has been attached to the Hammer Lane improvements project for 2 years. Prior to this, Hammer Lane had already been widened for most of the corridor from Highways 99 to I-5. This project will complete the Hammer Lane improvements and is expected to be completed by spring of 2018.Hammer Lane 3

Alvarez has been with the City of Stockton for 17 years and cites her father, who worked in construction, as inspiration for her own career. While studying civil engineering, she was drawn to the architecture and design aspect of city planning.
When thinking of road improvement, pedestrians may not be the first thing that spring to mind. But the Hammer Lane project is intended to improve travel on foot, bike, and car. This is being done with sidewalks and bike lane improvements for an overall better corridor from Highways I-5 to 99.

“It will be a better improvement through the whole corridor,” Alvarez said. “We try and focus on pedestrians and residents’ needs and wants.”

With that focus comes communication. With any construction project, especially widening that requires land, the public is informed every step of the way, Alvarez said. Invitations are sent out to affected residents for public construction meetings so the community can give their input about what improvements they would like to see.

Careful consideration is also taken for residences and businesses for construction hours. Residents are also given contact information for Project Managers.

Hammer Lane 4“We also meet with appraisers and meet with owners if we need to acquire land,” Alvarez said. “We want to make sure we find a fair trade value for their property, even if we’re only taking a sliver for easement and utility lines.”
“The Community is excited to finish the last leg,” Alvarez said.

For more information in this and other Public Works projects, visit their website.
For more information on other Measure K projects benefiting the county, visit the SJCOG Measure K page.


Express your opinions at Stockmarket

Can artisan goods and transportation decisions mix? How about a cup of locally crafted coffee and questions about funding priorities? Still doesn’t sound quite right…or can it? This weekend SJCOG will be tabling at Stockmarket to hear residents opinions on San Joaquin’s transportation system.  Continue reading

Today is PARK(ing) Day in downtown Stockton!

What if someone told you that by stopping you could actually go further than before? From the American standpoint this sounds illogical. If someone wants to progress they must never stop, work hard, and continually strive upwards in hopes for a better tomorrow. The American Dream, something our country holds close to heart. Yet, what if I were to tell you that we can keep the outcome of this dream by stopping today, right now?

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Jobs & Economy: The Economic Impacts of the Regional Transportation Plan

A plethora of news sources circulate with headlines about the economy being impacted. These words have become a part of our everyday language whether they be heard, said, read, or written. What does it all mean, though? What specifically is the impact? What are the definitions of those specifics and most importantly how does it affect my personal life living in the San Joaquin region? What about transportation, where does that tie into everything? The answers to these questions can be heard next Thursday, September 21st from 11:00AM-1:00PM at the San Joaquin Council of Governments (555 E Weber Ave, Stockton, CA 95202).
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San Joaquin County looks for public input on region’s future

What connects a community? What brings it to life and provides access to resources for members inside to thrive? The answer to both questions is so simple, we become unaware of its impact on daily life. It is transportation. A fourteen letter word with multiple meanings.

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Stockton holds first ever PARK(ing) Day

On Friday, September 15, SJCOG, along with dibs, the SJ Bike Coalition, and members of the Stockton community, will participate in Stockton’s first ever PARK(ing) Day event.  Continue reading

SJCOG board votes to change meeting time

Last week, the SJCOG Board of Directors passed a resolution to adjust the time of its meetings. Beginning next month, board meetings will be held at 4:00 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of every month. Previously meetings were held at 5:00 p.m.   Continue reading

U.S. DOT announces $500 million available through TIGER program

The U.S. Department of Transportation today announced the opportunity for state and local stakeholders to apply for $500 million in discretionary grant funding through the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) program. TIGER Grant applications must be submitted by October 16, 2017. Continue reading