Major paving project completed on Highway 99

Have you  driven on Highway 99 from the SR-99/120 junction in Manteca to the Stanislaus County line in Ripon and noticed the construction activity? Motorists will be pleased to know this project is complete and the result is dramatically improved pavement on both the northbound and southbound lanes.  Continue reading


Tracy’s 11th Street overcrossing is open to traffic

This week, with no fanfare, the 11th street overcrossing at the east end of Tracy opened to traffic.  Follow along with this Tracy Press reporter as he drives the new roadway.  Continue reading

Tips for driving safely in fog

As winter fast approaches, so does the fog! Residents are reminded to stay cautious during this time. Whether you have driven through fog multiple times or this winter season will be your first, SJCOG would like to provide some safety reminders for driving in foggy conditions.  Continue reading

The Air Pollution Control District reminds residents to “Check Before You Burn”

It is that time of year again as we wake up to dark brisk mornings and end the day curled up in warm blankets. Some may choose to turn on the heater while others add logs in the fire. For those that choose to light a fire be prepared to ‘burn’ some regulations into your memory.  The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District is going into its 15th season of the Check Before You Burn program.  Continue reading

Connecting San Joaquin regional workshop planned

The Regional Transportation Plan is a 20-year planning document that SJCOG updates every four years. The 2018 RTP will outline transportation improvements and other related planning elements through the year 2042. This is especially important because all transportation improvements must be financially constrained (listed in the RTP) to receive most federal, state, and local funding.  Continue reading

“dibs day” offers a free vacation for Smart Travel users

Today is dibs day! Use a Smart Travel mode today and you could win your very own vacation! We are giving away an Airbnb gift card just for logging your journey today.  Continue reading

Transit needs workshops to be held throughout county

How do you get around? What form(s) of transportation do you utilize to get to work, school, maybe even the grocery store? If the answer is transit, the following information will be very important for your upcoming rides. If the answer is not public transit, then this post may convince you to try it in the future.  Continue reading

Caltrans accelerates 90 projects worth nearly $3.4 billion thanks to SB 1

According to a recent news release, Caltrans has added nearly 1,200 lane miles of pavement repair and 66 bridges to its growing list of projects to be delivered sooner than planned thanks to the imminent influx of  revenue from the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB 1), the transportation funding and reform package passed in April. 90 projects have had their timeline bumped up thanks to anticipated funding by SB 1. Continue reading

Caltrans seeks public input on draft State Rail Plan

Last week, Caltrans released the public draft of the California State Rail Plan.  The draft plan outlines a new framework for building California’s rail network and sets state priorities on rail investments for the next 20 years.   Continue reading

Officials celebrate Lower Sacramento Road work completion

If you live in either the Stockton or Lodi area, chances are you have driven or biked on Lower Sacramento Road. It not only connects these two cities in the county but the road ties together urban with agriculture. Located between the Harney Lane Curve to the north and Pixley Slough in the south, the 2.5 mile project was the result of a successful partnership between San Joaquin County Public Works, the City of Stockton, the City of Lodi, and SJCOG.  Continue reading