EVs Made EZ workshop coming to Stockton

The San Joaquin Electric Vehicle Partnership is hosting a EVs Made EZ workshop on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at PG&E’s Stockton Energy Training Center.  Registration is $20. Lunch will be provided.  Continue reading


Governor’s proposed budget includes $4.6 billion in new transportation funding

This week Governor Brown released his proposed 2018-19 State Budget. Tucked into the 272-page budget proposal are a few items related to Transportation and Cap & Trade.

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2016-2017 Measure K Annual Report

This year has been yet another successful year for projects and programs funded through Measure K – the voter approved half-cent sales tax for transportation projects in the San Joaquin region.  SJCOG is pleased to showcase the 2016-17 Measure K Annual Report.

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Some of the projects highlighted in this year’s report include grade separation on Harney Lane, widening Hammer Lane, and four major improvement projects across the San Joaquin County.  View and download the full report.

California Transportation Commission adopts more ATP projects

Last week, the California Transportation Commission funded a few more Active Transportation Program projects. Twenty-two previously awarded projects were approved for funding either this year or next. In addition, 24 projects that had previously applied, but not been awarded any money because of lack of funding, were approved for funding.

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Roundabout planned for Tracy’s Byron/Grant Line Road intersection

The San Joaquin County Public Works Department is holding a public meeting on Thursday, December 14th to discuss the creation of a roundabout at the Byron Road and  W. Grant Line Road intersection near Tracy.  The meeting will be held at Gurdwara Gur Nanak Parkash, 16101 W. Grant Line Road, Tracy at 6:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served.  Continue reading

Harney Lane overpass partially opens; construction nears completion

Many motorists driving through the Lodi area have probably experienced delays due to the overpass being built over the railroad tracks on Harney Lane. All users of the road will be happy to know that the overpass is nearing completion and both sides of the bridge have one lane open to traffic!  Continue reading

RTD helps visually impaired residents through audio maps

Sight. Those of us who have the ability rarely assess how easily it is to navigate to our set destinations. We look at the transit apps on our phones or read over the map at a bus stop without a second thought. Our lives unconsciously revolve around its function, so we often times forget about the experiences of those who do not live in this same reality. Members at RTD aimed to create a somewhat shared reality by providing audio and tactile tools for residents that are visually impaired.  Continue reading

Merge early or merge late? Many drivers disagree on method

You’re on the freeway, in busy traffic, when you notice your lane is about to end. Thoughts are aimlessly running through your head. Do I merge now or keep driving until my lane ends? Will the car in front of me stop suddenly? How far do I have till I am forced to merge? If I wait until my lane ends, will someone let me in?  Merging is a common but controversial roadway movement and everyone has their own opinion.  Continue reading